Cromwell wins employer of the year award!

Award Aspire i

Aspire-i hosted their annual awards ceremony to celebrate young people’s achievements and award one company the Employer of the Year Award – a recognition of commitment to working with, and giving back to their community.

At Cromwell we make it a core value to support young people in their careers by providing opportunities and apprenticeships to youths and graduates interested in our industry; helping to add to their knowledge and experience as they grow into their futures.

We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with bright and capable young people within our community, and are honoured to have been recognised for our contribution.

Working actively within our community is an ongoing effort, and we believe that if every local business just did a little every day, that our community would grow healthier and stronger year after year.
We would like to than Aspire-i for this acknowledgement and Accent regeneration for their commitment

At Cromwell we welcome opportunities from partners within the region seeking to help build young peoples careers.


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