Friends of Horton Park


Recently, CromFOHPwell partnered with Friends of Horton Park to hold an inauguration of new facilities now open to the public.
The event was attended by over 150 locals and was a great success! Our involvement in this project stems from our belief that community is what keeps us together as people, and that supporting our neighbours is the best way to say thank you for supporting us.
Local councillors supported the sentiment and were also in support of the event. Volunteers had ran groups to organise and set up for the event.
Friends of Horton Park is a local non-profit community group run by volunteers. The organisation helps to rebuild local parks so that they can be used by kids and families – reducing anti-social behaviour in the community.
Our team were honoured in supporting Friends of Horton Park at the event itself and are continuously seeking opportunities to support the cause on an ongoing basis.


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