Site training for apprentices

At Cromwell we work alongside community partners to regenerate areas; improve social housing and make a positive contribution to the local economy and community.

We take our social responsibility very seriously: it is at the heart of what we do. One recent initiative we have launched is our Work Placement Scheme. Having worked closely with Accent Regeneration before, we knew that they share our vision for the area. Together we have launched a Work Placement Scheme that is designed to provide youngsters with experience of the working world. Not only that, it helps to develop them as rounded and skilled individuals.

Placements are initially short term ones, working alongside the Cromwell staff on a range of projects. The youngsters receive training on a variety of skills that are used in our trade. These placements can work alongside accredited courses and will help not only to provide the next generation of skilled workers Work Placement Scheme Initiated at Cromwell Maintenance Services

About Accent Regeneration. Accent are a community based organisation who run a range of services and initiatives across the Bradford area. Based on Barkerend Road, they are one of Cromwell’s key partners in rejuvenation projects. A detailed outline of their work can be found on their website at:


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